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composition and sound

Here are a few select pieces as an example of my compositions and sound production.

The Imago






Lunik Luna


Steps in the wind



Album – ‘island hops’, Kite Parlour

‘Combining the complexities of classical composition and thumping beat culture, Jacob’s aural candy is the product of an intense fascination with all things sound – the creative process an expression of his long standing involvement in all facets of composition and sound manipulation. Well versed in the orthodox world of written music, as well as the compelling simplicity of dusty sampling and chopped sound excursion, Jake’s eclectic output can be seen as the mapping of the world as he sees it – a place where elemental acoustics meet monolithic machines and plasticine culture. The resulting juxtaposition seeks to capture the experience of a generation in a time of transition, and does so in a manner which is both gritty and intensely beautiful.

Through his work with live musicians as both a song writer and an accomplished clarinetist, his sound-tracking for short film, circus theatre, and his own personal production, Jake’s versatility is undeniable, and yet leaves a distinctive mark on anything he’s involved with. Classically trained in the late 90’s, Jake has involved himself extensively in anything musical over the past decade – his diverse experiences resulting in a well-rounded and worldly artistic vision; a vision he hopes to develop with future projects and experiences. His
diverse musical background, and solid training in the technicalities of sound manipulation and production, stands him in good stead to contribute to a vast array of creative endeavours in the future.’

– Jack Berryman (plonk) –